qualifications/talents: can identify episode, season and trivia of a television show from a single screencap


Fave of ‘Play with GD & TOP’ moments - No#31

- When they were asked to promote new phone…

  married couple    gtop    big bang    queue  

It looks like he’s been waiting to thank himself for the longest time.

  big bang    queue    my kings  

GD + Red

  jiyong    queue  
  jiyong    queue  

 » One woman is becoming disaster. Even though a man is still singing. I’m tearing up at the thought of break-up. I hate this love song. 

  seunghyun    queue    love song  
  jiyong    queue  


Mariana Coldebella by Federico De Angelis for Mojeh November/December 2012



I’m So Desperate For This Pairing I’m Rereading Badfic: the autopsy of my dignity 

Tao finally meeting his idol

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i have two moods

  • fuck you chris pine
  • fuck me chris pine
  same here  


"They promised each other that they will be together in the future..and i promise that i’ll love them always"

-proud of being a vip-

  big bang    kings of my life    queue  
stopping mid-chorus to seduce the audience