Anonymous asked: is GTOP real?

Are you asking the same question with jerksuke  and in case you are not take a look at her evidence here

AND OMG. asking me ”Is GTOP real” is just the same as asking me “Do you have boobs”

Okay. I’m a fucking hardcore delusional GTOP shipper, so if you ask me this I’ll instinctively scream out “fuck yes” and then give you a fucking long list, include their sharing accessories (Chrome Heart red bracelets, red belt in Nikon, bright orange suit, etc..), their kiss, the story of childhood friends, the eyes fuck, blah…

But it’s not what matters. There’s a famous saying, “The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Just the same here, the gayness is in the eyes of the shipper. 

To me, the most attractive thing about GTOP is their chemistry. I mean, their polar opposites. TOP is quiet, when GD is all cheesy and cheerful. TOP is ‘almond’, bitter but lingering, and GD is ‘chocolate’, sweet and thin. They don’t have much skinship on stage (except for lately TOP has become a full-of-love man with the mission of kissing every YG guy that TOP starts to do more lovey-dovey on stage), but their moments are fucking precious. Sometimes I feel they can understand each other without saying anything. 

Okay excuse me for the long non-sense. Now let me give you some moments of these two healthy straight notgayatall men.

1) Their common fashion taste. Check out this amazing post about GTOP’s fashion/shared accessories by Atenais unnie. There are more, I’ll try to do a compilation if you want.

2) Whispering whispering



Photobucket Photobucket

3) They get married on stage.


4) They happily acknowledged themselves as ajumma&ajusshi couple


5) bdw this is their engaged ring 


6) They kissed. They KISSED.


7) The North Face ships them.

8) Sunny 10 ships the hell out of them.

9) All the hugs during High High perf. So warm. So caring, so loving. TOP cares about GD a lot. Big Bang has a family relationship. In an interview GD said, he’s in charge of taking care of the others and TOP takes care of him.

10) Some quotes:

"I almost fell for T.O.P. Sometimes, while we’re traveling in the car, I play jokes on him. But he’s really charming… If I were a female, I would’ve dated him right then. He’s just that charming." G-Dragon

"I’m not handsome. TOP hyung is handsome." G-Dragon

"Our blades are sharper" - TOP in reply to the question about people ‘sharpening their blades to attack you and GD whenever on stage’

"If you had to explain T.O.P it would be that he has a "free soul". From his personality, to his actions and music, he has his own unique "T.O.P style". Musically, he doesn’t look awkward at all when he makes new challenges. He has a lot of talent. About his voice color, his voice has a great impact. When people hear his rap, people will like him; that’s his style. And his personality, if you ask which side then he’s manly and you can see that from his actions. That’s T.O.P. Therefore T.O.P will become "TOP". G-Dragon

"He writes songs; I think he’s a person that makes addictive melodies. When you listen to his songs, you fall into them; he has a wide range of support from Korea. BIGBANG has a wide fandom because of the music he makes; it is because of G-DRAGON. Also, within the group he always looks after the members. He looks after the younger members. These days we have busy schedules so there are some times that he can’t look after us at much, but he always checks on us. He likes to be fancy on stages and he’s good at pulling it off. Lastly, I also think G-DRAGON will become a ‘dragon’" T.O.P

Anw read their interviews during GD&TOP promotion. Amazing.

So, to me they’re such a lovely OTP. They share the same dream, both rappers, despite their difference they get along well and they’re both the type of “we are young we don’t give the fuck”. Too much not to believe, haha.

So yes that’s what you gonna get when you come ask me about GTOP, haha. Decide whether they’re real or not. BDW LET ME SHOW YOU A BONUS ABOUT THEIR HONEYMOON ON JEJU WITH NUTHANG GROUP


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